By Brian Hardie and Larry Cook

Habitat for Humanity Las Vegas is a non-profit organization that revitalizes neighborhoods in our community that cannot support private development. Family volunteers, sponsors, and donors all work together to build and restore houses for under privileged families. By providing this service it allows families to settle and communities to grow throughout Las Vegas. They also have an establishment called the Restore where they sell home improvement merchandise at a much lower price compared to some larger home improvement stores throughout Las Vegas. Most of the items they sell are supplies left over from completed projects.  They sell everything from screws and bolts to appliances, flooring, lamps, doors, and furniture. Circles Magazine did some comparison shopping to show you how much you can save and help the community at the same time.

IMG_8291 - CopyIMG_8292




Home Improvement Store

Wire Fence

$60 $95
Stovehabitat002 $100 $493
Light Bulbshabitat003 $1

Hot Water Heaterhabitat004 $250 $338 to $568
Bath Tubhabitat005 $175 $369


             Freezer                                           $100.00IMG_8269                              $229.00
            Microwave                                        $45.00IMG_8272 - Copy                              $169.99
            Dishwasher                                     $40.00IMG_8274                              $258.00
            Screen door                                    $15.00IMG_8267 - Copy                              $129.00
               Rope                                           $7.00IMG_8255 - Copy                              $9.97


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