Issue #10 – From Dinosaurs to Roses

By Michelle Frese, Ariann Chelli, and Cory McClure;
photos by Dominique Clay-Brown and Jocelyn Land

IMG_8656Many people in Las Vegas have driven by that
really cool looking building with the pink door
at Charleston & Jones Blvd and never even
noticed the amazing organization residing
there. Well, Dinosaurs and Roses is that
amazing organization. It is a non-profit and it
is unique to Las Vegas. The name came from
the term that people use when referring to
something that is outdated, dinosaur. Roses
are something you may think of as fresh and
new, hence, Dinosaurs and Roses. Michele
Morgan created D&R in response to the
community’s financial crises. Morgan wanted
to recycle old things and make them new and
she also wanted to contribute to the culture
of Las Vegas. D&R is a thrift store, art gallery,
and library/event space all rolled into one.
The thrift store at Dinosaurs and Roses
offers affordable pricing, and since they are
recycling it is good for the environment.
D&R inspects everything they sell to
insure that their customers are getting top
quality items. They sell anything from tools,
clothing, sporting goods, furniture and even
accessories. There isn’t any good quality item
that you couldn’t find there. They even sell
new items that have been donated in lots by
manufactures. A portion of their sales go to
supporting other non-profits. If you want to
donate items to D&R you can drop them by
the store or call for a pick up. And either way
you will receive a tax deductible receipt.

7The art gallery at D&R helps dispel any rumors
that Las Vegas lacks culture and by combining
these entities it allows those who normally
don’t shop second hand to experience what
thrift stores have to offer. It also introduces
people to art that normally wouldn’t go to
an art gallery. No other thrift store has the
fine art that is displayed at D&R. All the
art is for sale and anyone can view what’s
displayed. The art is so divers and covers
everything from paintings to photography;
there is something for everyone to enjoy and
the artists donate a portion of their sales to
D&R. Dinosaurs and Roses also participates
in First Friday, Las Vegas’ monthly cultural
celebration. D&R also created something new
called 2nd Sunday giving artists a chance to
get together more often. Both events feature
food, music, and raffles.
D&R also has a large library full of donated
books. Since the books are donated their
collection is wide ranging which would
provide a field day for any reader. The library
can also be converted into an event hall that
anyone can rent out for private parties. They
also donate use of the space to other nonprofits
to hold events in.6

01Dinosaurs & Roses is very different from
other thrift stores because instead of raising
money for only one cause, they support
a variety of causes all over the Las Vegas
area. This is what makes it so nice to shop
there. Not only are the items your buying
reasonably priced but you can feel good
about spending money knowing that it is
going back into the local community. Some
of the charities that D&R gives back to are:
Nevada AIDS Project
Nevada SPCA
Special Olympics of Nevada
Jewish Family Services
Nevada PEP
Downs Syndrome
Life Long Dreams

Victims of Violent Crimes























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