12 Gifts of Christmas

 This holiday season the folks at Studio 8 ten have put together some of our favorite products that are guaranteed to be the perfect gift underneath the christmas tree! from Bath and body to stuff for kids, we have u covered!

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1: Clay Magnets

From the minds of our talented individuals at Studio 8 Ten, comes handcrafted clay magnets. Each magnet possess it’s own unique personality and they look great on the fridge. $4.00





2: Alien Dolls

Our dolls are out of this world… Literally! Each hand-crafted alien doll is made from recycled fabric aand is absolutely one of a kind. Kids( and kids at heart) love the wild colors, crazy limbs and funky faces of these intergalactic visitors. $13.00


3: Krinkle Chew Toy Here at the studio, we love our dogs and want to keep them happy. We also love our stuff and want to keep it from being chewed up. If you feel the same way, you need to get one of our Krinkle chew Toys. Made of cloth with a recycled water bottle core, your dog can get their kicks and you can keep your possessions safe! $5.00


4: Luffa Soap The difference between a good shower and a great shower starts with what soap you’re using. Where most soaps just lather, our laffa soap provides a gentle, exfoliating srub from the sponge as well as a soothing massage from our uniquely shaped soap. Coming in scents such as Eucalyptus Orange and Sweet Orange Patchoulli, you’ll never want turn off the shower head! $7.50

5: Recycled Bows

Tired of the same old cheap bows you get at the superstore? You know the ones that are a pain to put on, and once you get the bow on there it falls right off the box? Well how about trying something a little different this year with our recycled soda can gift topping bows. At Transitions, everything gets saved, because you never know what it could be made out of.. This is the perfect example. $2.00 per bow


6: Tri-fold Holiday Cards

New design, brand new size, the perfect gift for every one is back! Studio 8 Ten takes pride in our flagship product and continues to produce amazing quality cards with ease. We also provide custom orders for weddings, announcements, birthdays, and every other occasion! Any style, any color, anything you need. We give fantastic results in a timely manner. All of our cards at the Studio provide a blank insert so any outside design can fit any event. So you can take any one of our cards, and turn it into a birthday, get well, graduation etc. %1.50 – $3.00



7 to 12: Bath and Body

Is your skin dry? Are your showers boring? Are you odorless and lacking a pleasing aroma? Then our line of Bath and Body products are just what the doctor ordered! Each products is made from natural ingredients and essential oils. They are dye free and use bases such as soy and almond oil to keep you skin soft and supple. Try them today in any one of eleven invigorating scents including the new Date Night for Men. $2.00 – $15.00



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