By Dominique Clay-Brown, Mollie Colon and Jocelyn Land

What was fashion like before technology?

Well, Circles knows…



Before the industrial revolution clothing was not a fashion

statement. Everything had to be handmade which made new

clothing expensive so most people only had two pair of clothes and

they rarely ever got them new. Clothing would be handed down or

reused and made into different items so people had to learn to sew

at a very early age. For most people clothing was very functional.

It was not meant to impress or even be comfortable. Pants and

long skirts were made out of heavy fabrics to protect people from

the elements. Even the aprons women wore served more of a

purpose than to keep their clothing clean. They used the oversized

garments to carry vegetables, wood, and other items. The hats

they wore weren’t for showing everyone who their favorite team

was but for protecting their faces from the sun.



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