Walt Disney Pictures Rated PG

Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi, 1982


TRON: Legacy








Walt Disney Pictures Rated PG

Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi, 2010


The two movies called Tron and Tron Legacy told the story of adventures in the world of computers. A computer programmer(Kevin Flynn) has his work stolen by a former colleage at ENCOM and while trying to get it back he is digitized by the MCP and ends up inside the world of computers. known as the Grid, where he is held captive by the security program Tron. During this time he is put through video games in which his digitized character is sladed to be eliminated or derezzed. Flynn gets out of the Grid at the end of Tron and Tron Legacy picked up 7 years later. Kevin Flynn disappears and eventually his son Sam becomes the president of Encom. After searching for his father for 20 years he receives a mysterious message from the phone number of his father’s defunct video arcade. He goes to investigate and sends himself into the Grid where he is reunited with his father who has stuck there. Together they battle a digitized recreation of Kevin Flynn known as Clu. Father and son use their identity discs to defeat opponents. Trying to stop them is Rinzler who is the champion of the games and is controlled by Clu. Clu’s goal is to create a digitized army and use Kevin’s identity disc to invade the real world. They eventually defeat Clu and are returned to reality. At the time the original Tron was made it used ground breaking computer effects using blue screen technology after the live action footage was filmed. The computer generated effects were inserted into the live action footage to make it appear that the actors were in the computer world. Although Tron Legacy was filmed in the same way, the computer effects was much more advanced and sometimes the actors themselves were computer generated.


 MCP – Master Control Program

Light cycle – Motorcycle used in digitized world for computer games and transportation around the grid.

Identity Disc – Used to identify digitized characters in the Grid.


I would recommend getting both movies and watching them for yourself.

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