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DIY Project: Solar Cooker

By Deanna Chapman, Jeff Luckinbill, and Nick Roque

Photos By Ramon Delgado-Garcia

Although this issue is all about technology,                               

we chose a very low tech DIY project to show

how you can save money through the latest design

in Solar Cookers.

We chose this one because it was the simplest

one to build but the website where we got the plans

are available at

We made chili on our Solar Cooker. Visit to see

how it turned out.

Materials Needed:

Cardboard (Science project board 3×4 ft.)

Heavy Duty Aluminum foil (1×10 ft.)

Cut into strips as needed (two large strips)

Nontoxic glue or contact cement

Foam paint brush

Utility knife

Pencil or pen

Large ruler


Step 1:Measure and draw lines with ruler, and protractor.


Step 2:

Cut down to the right shape

 using scissor or utility knife.

Step 3:

Score cardboard piece on the measured lines. 

Step 4:

Flip cardboard over and fold on scored lines.

Step 5:

Measure strips of aluminum foil to fit over cut out piece.

 Step 6: Apply the glue or contact cement to the carboard piece and cover with strips of foil.


Step 7: Trim foil to conform to cardboard cutout shape.

Step 8:Fold on scored lines to reveal finished product.

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