By Dominique Clay-Brown and Sondra Roehr

Have you ever wanted to take pictures like a professional, but can’t afford the high prices?

There are many different ways to use a digital camera for photography with a professional

feel. This all depends on what kind of outcome is desired. For example, you may want the

picture to have an abstract or vintage feel to it. This can be achieved by using the settings

on your camera. The following tips will help you reach any outcome you desire when

photographing with a digital camera.

1. Carefully choose a digital camera.

Compare features and prices before

buying (don’t forget a memory card).


2. Learn how to use your digital camera.

Read the manual and keep it close

for future reference.


3. Make sure batteries in the camera are

charged or are brand new (two pair of

rechargeable batteries are a good idea, that

way you should always have a good set).


4. Find something that you are interested

in and start taking pictures. Try using the

different settings on your camera and see

what they do.


5. If you have trouble steadying the camera, get a tripod.


6. Pay attention to your lighting. A flash isn’t always needed but if there isn’t enough light use it (a lot of cameras will let you know if you need the flash).
7. Don’t be afraid to take the picture. If you it

doesn’t come out the way you want it you

can delete it. But if you wait too long the

opportunity to get the shot may be

gone forever!

Photography plays an important role

in all our lives. Being able to capture

a moment in time is priceless and

as we all know a picture is worth a

thousand words.







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