Shirts with Electro-luminescent (EL) panels

make it hard for anyone not to get your message and there are hundreds of preprogrammed

patterns to choose from.

There is everything from sports teams to musical themes, and everything in between.


How They Work

The EL panel attaches to your t-shirt using Velcro and connects to a battery box using ¼ inch cable. The battery box is hidden in an interior pocket and easily detaches from the shirt. EL panel is sensitive to music and any surrounding sound. You can adjust the level of sensitivity to fit your surrounding noise level.



Where to Buy

There are many companies on-line that sell EL shirts including sites like Ebay and Amazon. There is at least one casino that has a specialty shop that carries EL products.


You can find some designs as low as $10 but they typically cost anywhere from $15 to $25 and if you are purchasing on-line there will usually be shipping costs.


 To clean, unplug the battery and remove the EL panel from the shirt but leave the wire in the hem line. Gently wipe the panel with a damp cloth. Wash the shirt by hand and allow to air dry.

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