As Circles Magazine enters its 3rd year we would like to thank everyone that has supported our efforts. We hope you have enjoyed the first eight issues and continue to find our articles, recipes, and other content to be fun and interesting. We have seen many changes in the first two years. We have increased the size of our team but have only a handful of the original team members so it has been a constant learning experience for everyone. The biggest change however was the loss of our original editor Angela Esler-Whelan who left Las Vegas recently and is exploring new endeavors. We wish her the best and hope she, along with everyone, enjoys issue 9. When we chose technology as the theme for this issue everyone thought it would be an easy one. Boy, were we wrong. It turned out to be quite challenging as we tried to choose content ideas that fit into the sections of our magazine. We put a lot of time and hard work into the final product and are anxiously awaiting the community’s response to it.

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