Donnie Ward

By Daniel Romero


Right after we arrived we talked to Donnie Ward, Owner of the Victory Motorcycle dealership in Kingman, Arizona and asked him a few questions about Victory Motorcycles:


Daniel: Are there different kinds of engines for the motorcycles?

Donnie: Yes, two, they are both 106 cubic inch engines one is 94 horsepower and one is 97 horsepower.

Daniel: What types of motorcycles are there?

Donnie: Cruisers and Touring bikes.

Daniel:  What types of helmets are there?

Donnie: Half helmets and full helmets.

Daniel: Are there different designs of handlebars?

Donnie: Yes, there are several different designs of handlebars depending on what the rider wants that will make them comfortable riding.

Daniel: What types of designs do they put on motorcycles?

Donnie: Usually designs are based on what the owner of the motorcycle wants.

Daniel: Thank you for talking to us

Donnie: My pleasure