By Cassie Hitchcock

1) What hat did Michael Jackson wear most?
A. Fedora
B. Bowler
C. Sombrero

2) What hats do the Jersey Boys wear at their show on the Las Vegas Strip?
A. Fireman’s Helmet
B. Fedora
C. Hot Dog Hat

3) What tools does a hat store use to shape a hat?
A. Steamer
B. Stretcher
C. Both A and B

4) What yearly event in the USA has the craziest hats?
A. NBA finals
B. Super Bowl
C.Kentucky Derby

5) How many different sizes of hats are there in a hat store?
A. 4
B. 6
C. 10

6) What is the most important advice to have when buying a hat?
A. The hat should fit properly
B. The hat should be in great condition
C. Both A and B

7) What NBA basketball player wears the craziest hats?
A. Derek Rose
B. Dennis Rodman
C. Michael Jordan

8) Why do cowboys wear cowboy hats?
A. To keep the sun out of their eyes
B. To keep the rain off their heads
C. Both A and B

9) In country and western culture what hat is most popular?
A. Cowboy Hat
B. Jester Hat
C. Porkpie Hat

10) What is the main material used in a Las Vegas showgirl hat?
A. Cotton
B. Wool
C. Feathers

Special Thanks to Annie Goodman of the Hat Company for
her extensive knowledge about hat.