Fashion is passion.

People often say beauty is

Angela Esler-Whalen

on the inside, and, while

that may be true in many

ways, why limit oneself

from bringing that beauty

to the outside? Whatever

you feel on the inside,

there is a way to express

it to the world through your

own sense of style. Sharing

your inner beauty with the world

through your hair, clothing, jewelry,

shoes, or nail color can give you a sense of individuality and

confidence to achieve the dreams and goals you hold on

the inside. It also lets people know, at first glance, what you

deem as important and who you believe you are.

I used to think fashion was about the trendiest, most

expensive name brand clothing, wearing my hair like the

“cool girls” (or trying…I always felt I fell a little short), and

reading Vogue magazine. Not anymore. The way I feel

when I put on my combat boots with a skirt and a pair of

bright, striped socks now is nothing short of exhilaration.

When I walk down the street and see NOBODY else dressed

like me is when I know I have achieved my true self. When

my 2-year-old daughter refuses to wear what I like and

instead wears what she chooses, she reminds me that she is

already her own person and needs to express herself in her

own way. When I decided to have dreadlocks and my mom

asked me what “possessed” me, I knew I wasn’t possessed,

just doing what felt right…for me.

Some things are always in style. Good hygiene, cleanliness,

and knowing that you care about your health and your body

will always make you feel good. For some, fitting in is part

of what drives them to want to be a part of the community.

For others, wanting to stand out is what makes them tick.

From the stores we visit, to the food we eat, to our choice of

transportation…if you choose your style based on your own

values and beliefs, you will always be fashion-forward. And

if you’re just not sure yet…we’re here to help!

Fashionably yours,

Angela Esler-Whelan, Managing Editor