By Brett Dassen, Michelle Frese, and Jocelyn Land; photos by Brett Dassen

There is a popular new trend in Las Vegas, the “food truck”. These mobile cafes move

constantly around the Valley, “broadcasting” their location and parking wherever they can

find enough space. Food trucks frequently draw many huge crowds in some popular

locations. Any weekday at noon, you can go to the courthouse and observe the food

trucks that park there for lunch. They inform people of their location by social networking

sites such as Facebook or MySpace. When  anew truck opens, especially at a new location,

they can be extremely popular. Many food trucks have regular stops at the same time at

the same place each day .

So Many Choices .

There were so many different kinds of food at

the monthly StrEats food truck festival held the second Saturday of every month at the

El Cortez. Some of the food was Hawaiian chicken sandwiches, varieties of pizza, Chinese

food, and cheese steak sandwiches. There were also trucks with ice cream, funnel cakes,

and specialty drinks. One of our favorite foods was the Hawaiian chicken sandwich.

They also had trucks that served Mexican food, meatball lamb sandwiches, hamburgers,

churros, and French fries. One truck, called Sausage Fest, served sausages and hot dogs.

We tried food samples of chicken curry and beef curry from one of the tables in front of

an Indian specialty truck. Sin City Wings had very good hot wings. Prices ranged from

approximately five to ten dollars per meal, depending on what you ordered. Some of the

gourmet items were a bit pricier, but still quite reasonable. There was very little seating, so

it’s helpful to keep that in mind when ordering your meal. Another option would be to bring

a blanket or folding chair if you want to eat outside. Interestingly, another new arrival in

the food truck trend is called the “bustaurant”, where the food is prepared downstairs on a

converted double-decker bus, and there is an area for eating upstairs. Many food trucks

accept credit and debit cards.

Taking in the Scene

An onomatopoeical adjective based on the sound emitted when something is “oh so tasty” that one gnaws through it without regard to cleanliness or etiguette. This sort ravenous eating will often result in a “nom nom” noise being emitted from the eater.


The festival was a lot of fun, though visitors should be prepared for some noise and a

little crowd commotion. Besides just eats, the event really stimulates all your senses.

The loud music playing added a festive airto  the event. The food tasted and smelled

wonderful! You could smell the food cooking from far away. What was most fun was

trying all the different kinds of food. We attended the festival in May, and the area was

well-populated on a beautiful Vegas night. We really enjoyed the visual aspect of the

diverse group of people in attendance as well as the brightly colored truck decor. There

was a mixture of people from all walks of life enjoying the food and the atmosphere,

everyone from young kids and teenagers to older adults. The artwork and logos on the

trucks were fun, creative and really made the trucks stand out. There was a lot of walking

involved, so if you plan to attend in the upcoming months, wear comfortable shoes!