Steven is wearing clothes that fit well and are adaptive to his wheelchair



Adapted Wheelchair Fashion

By Steven Boydston and Cory McClure

Fashion in society today is highly important to each person’s individuality and uniqueness.
No matter what styles and trends each person can identify with, we can all  agree on one thing, when you feel good on the outside you feel great on the inside! The key to looking your best isn’t what brand you are wearing, it’s feeling comfortable in your own skin.Having a disability can be beautiful because it gives you the advantage of truly owning your own style. While every person can enjoy the same general types of clothing, there are adjustments that should be considered and precautions to take in order to truly feel comfortable if you are in a wheelchair.



Tammy is wearing comfortable and fashionable clothes that fit well in her wheelchair



When looking for the correct attire for an everyday  outing people should consider the following:


  • Proportionate cut
  • Accurate stability
  • Overall comfort.


Finding attire that fits perfectly is nearly
impossible for anyone, and tailoring can be a good idea for people with and without disabilities. Adaptive clothing can be found many places, but having each piece tailored specifically to fit your body measurements will make the fit better.  When wearing shirts no longer than a three-quarter sleeve prevents clothing from getting caught in the wheels. For women,
skirts and dresses can be fairly hard to find at a comfortable cut because women need these specific pieces longer in front than the
back to properly cover the upper thigh area and prevent any bunching in the back. For many women, leggings offer a comfortable alternative because they are stretchy and tight on the ankles and can be


Tammy is wearing stylish pants and shoes



worn under a dress or skirt. With slacks or jeans (for men and women), it is important the pants are longer when standing to insure that the pants don’t look too short once you have been seated. It is essential that the clothing has comfortable seams in order to prevent chaffing or any sores. It is better to stay away from too many belts, buttons, or ties in order for more comfort and ease. Stylish shoes can be quite easy to find because what is mainly needed is ease and stability. A shoe that is slip on or Velcro with great grip on the bottom is ideal. The Velcro look in every community is in style right now for men, as are slip on flats for woman. The most important
thing for people with disabilities to understand is that everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their clothing.Fashion is a world of freedom and allows for the liberation of self expression.





tammy shoes

Tammy wearing comfortable stylish shoes

Comfortable clothes don’t have to be sweat pants and t-shirts. So rock the clothing that truly fits you, inside and out, and shine!