1. How many states are there?


B. 50

C. 51

D. 5


2. What is the state capital of New Mexico?

A. Santa Fe

B. Carson City

C. Augusta

D. New York City


3. What state is shape like a boot?

 A. Nevada

B. Texas

C. Louisiana

D. Montana


4. Where is the largest ball of twine?

A. Boston

B. Utah

C. Paris

D. Kansas


 5. What is the capital of Maine?

 A. Houston

B. Augusta

C. Tallahassee

D. Honolulu


7. What state is north of Texas?

 A. South Carolina

B. Nevada

C. Florida

D. Oklahoma


8. What is the capital of Montana?

A. Sacramento

B. Helena

C. Jacksonville

D. Beatty


9. What state is the Grand Canyon in?

A. Washington

B. Utah

C. Colorado

D. Arizona


10. What is the largest state?

 A. Alaska

B. Rhode Island

C. Texas

D. South Dakota

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