Men in Black 3

A Columbia Pictures Movie

Action/Comedy/Sci-Fi, 2012,

Rated PG-13

Who’s in it?

Will Smith (Agent J)

Tommy Lee Jones (Agent K)

Josh Brolin (Young Agent K)

Jemaine Clement (Boris the Animal)

Emma Thompson (Agent O)

Michael Stuhlbarg (Griffin)

What’s it about?

Veteran Agent J must travel back in time

to MIB’s early years in 1969, to stop an

alien criminal from assassinating the young

Agent K, altering the timeline, changing

history and putting the Earth in danger.

What did we like?

We liked that most of the movie was set

in the 1960’s and that the costumes and

sets really reflected that time period. We

thought the movie was very funny and had

a lot of action. We liked the young Agent K

and other new characters. The movie had

awesome special effects.

What didn’t we like?

We didn’t like that Tommy Lee Jones

wasn’t in most of the movie and that there

were characters from the first 2 movies

that weren’t in this one. We also felt that

the plot was a little confusing at times and

that some of the aliens were too ugly and

scary to be in a comedy.


See it!