A Trip to the Laughlin River Run

Photographs by Dominique Clay-Brown and Sondra Roehr

Orange Motorcycle

We’ve never seen so many different beautiful, crazy, awesome, original motorcycles in our lives, as we walked around the Laughlin River

Run on first day of the event. When

we were walking along the main street in front of the casinos, we saw motorcycles from all over the country and

region.  They were of every style and design and color.  Some had skulls imbedded in the frame.  Some had designs painted in 3D.  All gave a sense that they belonged to an individual that lived the

ir lives among the bikers and enthusiasts that come to these conventions.

Blue Victory Motorcycle

As we walked among the convention goers and vendors booths, we could see the vast amount of accessories that wer

e available from chrome covers and decals to LED lights. One of the vendors that we talked to was from Light-It-Up LED lighting company and they had a booth displaying the different lights that could be used on a motorcycle.  He told us that s

ome were used for brake lights and turn signals but most were used to enhance the design and look of the motorcycle. He then demonstrated some of the lights on the Harley-Davidson parked at his booth with a remote control that made the lights, light up and change color and dance around some really pretty patterns.   We were surrounded by motorcycles and it was just fine with us because we loved it.

Black Leather Vest

Biker Fashion

All around us were people dressed f

or the occasion.  Everywhe

re we looked there was a sea of leather vests, chaps, bags and belts. Bikers traditionally like to wear leather as it both looks stylish and protects them should they have a spillover on a bike.

Thousands of different le

ather accessories were on display at the River Run and as we walked among the booths we could see that not only were they fashionable but very, very popular.

Leather Accessories

We ran into Barbie from Barbie’s Bling out of Tucson, Arizona.  She has mostly women’s fashi

ons and was nice enough to

tell us about them, saying that all her designs were original and handmade. She had hip bags, vests, belts and stunning jewelry.

Prevalent among

the leather and fashions were t-shirts that supported every motorcycle cause and charity. Saddle

bags were a big item with displays at almost all the different vendors’ booths. Hats that were both leather and cloth were abundant, and, if you needed a Harley Davidson shirt this was the place to get it for sure.

Biker Saddlebags


The Drive to Laughlin

It took approximately and hour and a half to drive to Laughlin from Las Vegas with the traffic being light on a Thursday morning through the majestic and unforgiving desert that our part of the United States is famous for. The beauty of the surrounding desert can only be appreciated by those who have the eye for it and see past the sagebrush and cactus that are out there. With the mountains that surround the area a sunrise or sunset in the open desert can be a worthwhile experience. As we travelled, we noticed the road was filled with those travelling to the same destination as us, The Laughlin River Run. During the drive saw lone riders, small groups and large groups of bikes along the road to Laughlin, during a stop to stretch our legs in Searchlight we noticed the huge amount of motorcycles that had also stopped to gas up or stretch their legs in the small town of Searchlight that is famous for its Silver Mines and Senator Harry Reid. Coming over the horizon you can see Laughlin, Nevada on the right and Bullhead City, Ari

zona in the distance

. The Colorado River runs behind many of the casinos and its wide and fast flowing waters are definitely a sight to see. With cruises that are available for touring and for dinner, it can be the source of many an activity while visiting Laughlin.


Turbocharged Trask Victory

Screaming Eagle Chopper