Do you hide your hands because your finger nails are a mess? Circles Magazine shows you how to do a simple manicure at home to keep your hands looking
fashionably fabulous!

Nail clipper
Nail file
Nail brush
Cuticle pusher
Cuticle remover
Nail Polish Remover
Cotton balls
A bowl of warm water
Paper towels
Hand soap
Rubbing alcohol

Step 1: 

Trim nails.

home manicure 1

 Step 2:

Put two pumps of handmsoap and a cap full of alcohol into water.

home manicure 2 (1)

home manicure 2 (2)

 Step 3:

Soak nails in the soap & alcohol for 5 minutes.

home manicure 3

Step 4:

Dry hands with paper towels.

home manicure 4

Step 5:

Apply cuticle remover to sides and base of nails.

home manicure 5

Step 6:

Gently push cuticles back using a cuticle pusher.

home manicure 6

Step 7:

Use nail brush and water to remove dead skin and then dry hands again.

home manicure 7

Step 8:

Use a nail file to shape nails (hint: file in only one direction).

home manicure 8

Step 9:Apply hand cream

.home manicure 9


If you are wearing nail polish, remove old polish with cotton balls and polish remover before starting manicure. If you are going to apply nail polish after manicure, be sure to clean nails with cotton balls and polish remover after applying hand cream.

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