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By Benjamin Ray — The answers to your questions about what’s hot and

what’s not in fashion and music












Dear Benjamin:

I am going to the Olive Garden for dinner and it’s my first time. What should I wear?

Signed, Starving for Style

Dear Starving:

The Olive Garden is pretty casual, so you can usually wear jeans and a nice t-shirt, but if it’s a date you might want to wear a dress. Remember you may be eating pasta, so you may not want to wear white, because tomato sauce can ruin a nice outfit. Darker colors and prints can hide the accidental spill and not leave you focused on an unwanted spot.


Dear Benjamin:

Iam having problems finding pajamas that are fashionable when I shop at Target. Where else can I go to find more fashionable sleepwear?

Signed, Pretty in Pajamas

Dear Pretty:

You can find other option in fashionable sleepwear at Ross, TJ Max, or Marshalls. These stores offer designer and name brands at prices similar to Target. H&M and Old Navy are smaller boutique type stores that offer the hottest, trendiest options for similar prices and carry everything from tops and pants, to shoes and sleepwear.

Dear Benjamin:

I want to get more romantic with my lady friend who I am cooking dinner for this weekend. What kind of music should I play?

Signed, Smooth Operator

Dear Smooth:

Romantic music depends a lot on who you are playing it for, but some classic choices you could play on your dinner date this weekend are artists such as Barry White, Journey, The Temptations or Elvis Presley. These are slow relaxing songs that are friendly, romantic choices, sure to get your girl into your arms for a dance halfway through the appetizers.


Dear Benjamin:

I went to see NSYNC in concert recently and really liked their dance moves. Could you recommend some other music that is hip and current but still along the lines of NSYNC?

Signed, Old School Turned New

Dear Old School:

There are many great choices like the Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber Big Time Rush and Selena Gomez. These are all popular groups that have multiple albums with styles that are kind of similar to NSYNC, but with fresh faces and probably a few new moves to make you smile.