Music Therapy

By Daniel Romero

Music Therapy: An Introduction


After a really long, stressful day of working hard, it can be helpful to listen to some really soothing, relaxing music. Music Therapy is a medical definition based on individual interventions to achieve goals for pros who completed their program of therapy. It addresses music from physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals in the program. It also provides different opportunities to increase communication skills for people who are hard of hearing or speaking. Music Therapy is used to heal wounds that hurt people who are in agonizing pain.




People who have disabilities of whatever kind can also listen to different types of music like rock, country, jazz etc. When folks come home from hard episodes of drama or stress, they will relax and rest with some entertainment from iPods or CD players. A lot of individuals listen to their own favorite music artists. For example, there is Michael Jackson, Smashmouth, U2 and Outkast. Listening to Music is a big part of art therapy. Music may not be able be a big help for patients, who have stress diseases but it can be put to good use for troops who have experienced PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) in battle conditions.



According to a psychologist by the name of Barbara Fredrickson from the University of  North Carolina by utilizing calm songs that can ease down the stress and stop the noise. Music can be a great way to help relax our bodies and put them in a more restful rejuvenating state. Anytime a person is experiencing heated arguments, troubles or heartaches, love songs should be able to heal pain.


Musical therapy is very helpful to a lot of clients and patients who have issues with their problems and they need help getting over them. Also, music therapy is a study in which doctors can show to other individual patients who have disabilities such as hearing-impaired or blind. Also any person who is all depressed and broken hearted should listen to comfortable music to feel warm inside.