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By Mollie Colon and Sondra Roehr


Gift giving can be very stressful not to mention expensive. Trying to find the perfect gift at the right price is a very difficult task. But there is an easier way to make sure that  everyone on your list gets something that they love. Try making gifts for the special people on your holiday list. Making gifts doesn’t require you to construct something from scratch. It can be as simple as putting a few personalized items into a gift basket. All it requires is a little planning ahead and you can make everyone on your list happy. 

Where to start


The first thing you need to do is make a list of who you want to give gifts to. Then decide which of those you will make presents for and which you will buy them for. Then you need to sit down and really think about the people that are on your “make” list. What are their favorite colors? What do they do with their spare time? Do they love the outdoors or are they content to hang out at home? Really think about their personality and style. Maybe even do some secret investigating and ask them questions. They won’t know what you are up to until they get their gift. Once you have a good feel for the recipient of your gift it is time to let your creativity loose.


Helpful ideas


If the gift is for someone that loves to cook (or wants to learn) you can put together a basket with a special cookbook and maybe some spices and cooking utensils. Another idea would be a basket with a variety of bubble baths, oils, and maybe even candles for the person that loves to relax in the tub. Customizing a t-shirt and baseball cap for someone is a nice way to show someone that you were really thinking about them. And like they always say…it’s the thought that counts.


Plan of Attack


Once you have come up with what you want to give it is time to make lists of what you’ll need. Then look around the house and keep your eyes open for items that you can recycle or repurpose for your gifts. If you are making gift baskets, check your closets and see if you have any old baskets laying around that you can put to good use. Even using your extra mixing bowls, pots, or pans can create a modern look that doubles as useful in the kitchen. That will save money and clear some clutter at the same time. Instead of purchasing a cookbook you can copy some family favorite recipes and put them into a notebook. That not only saves money, but it also makes the gift more personal. Making gifts is a great way to save money but there are many other benefits. It can become a family event that everyone looks forward to. It gives you a chance to be creative, and most of all it makes the gift extra special to the one receiving it because they know you took the time to make it just for them.

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