Introducing the classic cars from the roaring 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s

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The automobile has been part of our way of life for almost 100 years. Although modern vehicles offer many comforts they are also very complicated and, in most cases, lack personality. Classic car enthusiasts are keeping our automotive past alive by taking cars that have turned into rust-buckets over time and bringing them back to their former glory, or better. By restoring or rebuilding a vehicle they can be preserved for future generations to admire.


Restoring vs. Rebuildingmost popular car


Restoring takes the most time and money to accomplish. The automobile has to be taken completely apart. Everything needs to be either repaired or replaced with original authentic parts. But the end result is a more valuable car. For most car enthusiasts, rebuilding a car is the better way to go because you can use modern day components in addition to original parts.


Choosing a Project Car


Many people have a particular car that brings back memories of a special time in their lives that has long since past. American made muscle cars are very popular to restore because there were so many made and parts are easy to find. Another reason may be because it was someone’s first car, or maybe it was one they loved when it was made but they couldn’t afford it at the time. To some, that vehicle is so important that they will spend months maybe even years finding and fixing that vehicle until it is like new. Whatever the reason, it is a challenging but rewarding endeavor.

For Your Enjoyment

Not everyone has the desire or means to restore a classic vehicle. Some people just like to admire the finished product. Great places to check out cools cars are the Shelby Museum at the Speedway and The Auto Collections at the Imperial Palace. You can see everything from the finest restored example of a 3-wheeled 1934 Morgan Super Sport to a 1951 Mercury that is totally custom and on the cutting edge of automotive technology. Another great way to see cool cars is at local car meets or car shows. Check out  the for listings. And next time you are diving around town and see a restored or rebuilt classic car be sure to take a second look and appreciate the beauty of it.

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