This is William Jiles author of the article


Don’t Drink and Drive by William Jiles

My name is William Jiles, I am 29 years old. When I was 19 my friends and I were coming from a club. We have been drinking some Smirnoffs, and we were drunk. We were at a stop sign and a girl pulled up next to us in her car and wanted to race. My car was a champagne colored Camry — it went around a pole. I woke up two months later with a broken collarbone, feeding tube and trachaeotomy tube. I had a traumatic brain injury. I had to learn everything all over again. I had to learn how to tie my shoes. I had to learn how to use the bathroom all over again.

I used to be very buff and ripped and I used to get all the ladies at my friend’s house. If I wasn’t in my accident I would be married and have my degree in computers. Now my mom and brother come to see me. I have to be in a group home. I don‘t drive anymore, I ride the Paratransit bus. I used to be the quickest and the buffest. Now, I have a belly and I’m not that fast. My back hurts every day and I get tired easy.

I want people to hear my story, so that young people won‘t drink and drive.


A note from the editor: Will is currently working on his reading and writing skills, as well as his computer skills, and has become a valuable member of the Circles team. We are in awe of his strength to tell his story, and his courage to continue to live a life of purpose and self-fulfillment.