Over the years, we’ve loved and lost many great performers. The list is too long

to put in print here, but we asked some of our writers and contributors at Circles

about the musicians they’ve lost that affected them the most.





                    Dominique: I was young but my parents played Marvin Gaye music often.It was horrible to hear that Marvin Gaye was dead it truly broke my heart. But I know that he is in a better place. Marvin Gaye, rest in peace.



 Michelle : Whitney Houston was my favorite singer of all time. I really love her music. I really was affected by her death because I really didn’t expect it. She died so soon that’s why it affected me so badly.




         Ramon:   My favorite song by Selena Quintanilla is her song Como Una Flor.

The song is so sad. The songs of Selena were about love, and they mostly

make me happy, but sometimes the songs she left behind make me feel sad,

for when I heard that Selena died I realized there would be no more Selena

songs. I felt really bad for her parents and her friends.



Joey: I was very affected by the death of Michael Jackson because I was

really moved and inspired by his music. I always liked to watch his music

videos with my mom and his dance moves were awesome. I was really

shocked when he died because I really liked him and he was cool.



Ben: Freddie Mercury was always so capable of expressing himself in so

many beautiful ways. He may have been gay, but he never ever allowed it

to get in his way – he was always himself. I have a lot of respect for him as a

person and I love his music.



Cassie Jean: I’m a huge fan of The Beatles, I love their first album. When

I heard about how John Lennon died I couldn’t believe a guy would shoot a

musician 5 times for no reason. I was shocked when I heard about it.




Benjamin: Kurt Cobain died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the

head. I was very sad when he died. He was a very cool person, and he will be

greatly missed. His band was so good – I love to play his songs on my iPod.




Sonia: I was 11 when Selena Quintanilla died at 23. It affected me so deeply

that I had fallen into depression and anger because such beauty and great

talent was stolen from her family and fans. My favorite outfit of hers was her

Grammy dress and my favorite song is Baila Esta Cumbia.