It’s everywhere and it

affects us in more ways

than we may even realize.

Music is our history, it’s our

style, it’s our mood, and it’s

our outlet to entertainment and

creativity. How many times does

the simple notion of a song bring us to another time

just by reminding us of when we were doing the last

time we heard it. Being in a bad mood can quickly be

turned into a good mood when we hear our favorite

song on our Mp3 playlist. One of my favorite things is

being absorbed into a band, surrounded by thousands

of others who the only thing you may have in common

with at that moment is that you’re all lost in a moment

of exhilaration watching a live rock band performance…

but that’s all you really need.

Music is one of life’s big pleasures that can be enjoyed

and embraced by everyone from the smallest baby to

the eldest grandparent. To someone who has all their

senses, to someone who feels music by vibration even

though they are unable to hear. We exercise to music,

drift asleep to music, and even fall in love surrounded

by that song that becomes “ours”.

Whether you enjoy the soft relaxing sounds of a

windpipe and a harp to sooth your stressed out soul,

or the hardcore beat of drums and guitars to energize

your morning commute (absolutely one of my favorite

things!), music is one of the best things in life. No

matter your culture, class, or community, it’s one thing

we can all enjoy alone or together, and it really

does set us free.

Rock on!

Angela Esler-Whelan, Managing Editor