By Eric Rodrick and Andrew Zambo

Been out lately to any good country music concerts? One benefit of living in Las Vegas is that most well-known performers make it a point to stop over here and play a few shows for their local fans as well as for the crowds of tourists. This means that if you’re a music lover, there’s almost always something fun to do in your local area! Check out what one of our Circles team members and one of our readers have to say about the concerts they went to recently:


AVegas Country pic 1NDREW “DREW” ZAMBO:

 “I Saw Trace Atkins!” “I loved that Santa gave me an early gift this December – a ticket to the Trace Atkins concert! Trace sang his old hits, his new favorite ‘Gone Fishin’’ and even a Christmas carol – ‘The Christmas Song’. He wore jeans and a tee-shirt, with a black hat. When Trace took his hair out of his pony-tail, I couldn’t believe his hair was SO LONG!” Drew’s seat was on the side of the sixth row. He was disappointed it wasn’t front row, but he sang along with Trace’s songs all night. He got a new T-shirt at the concert, and although he didn’t go the meet-and-greet this time, he hopes to be able to go next time. Drew is always ready for a good country music concert.



Vegas Country pic 2 BRUCE MUNR O:

“I Saw Willie Nelson!” “This October, I went to a Willie Nelson concert and had a great time. Willie was such a nice guy and I really enjoyed the show. Willie was very friendly with the crowd, shaking hands and smiling at everyone – and throwing money into the crowd! He might be old, but he did a lot of good singing.” You know, the music scene in Las Vegas wasn’t always so amazing. The earliest music venues in Las Vegas were just saloons and bars, where musicians and bands would play for small audiences. Miners, ranchers and railway workers were entertained by local singers and musicians in smoke-filled, crowded rooms. Today musicians coming to Las Vegas still perform for small crowds in smoke-filled bars and clubs, but also play for audiences of thousands in large, modern venues such the Caesar’s Palace Coliseum, The MGM Grand Garden Arena, and the Mandalay Bay Events Center.

TIP: Use the internet (or have someone help you) to find out which of your favorite bands are playing in your area soon! Websites like have a complete listing of shows you can search by city. This is a terrific way for all of you music-lovers out there to make sure you don’t miss any of your favorite artists!