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Dating all the way back to the first man, it is believed that the cave man created the idea of candy by eating honey comb and honey. The earliest candy recognized was “brittle” better known as Peanut Brittle. The first “brittles” made would have been much different from the traditional candy that we are familiar with, it was probably nothing more than thick seeds, whatever nuts were on hand, mixed into honey and then dried on a hot rock (using either sunlight or fire). It has also been said that candy began when sweets were first produced by physicians and pharmacists to hide the taste of medicine. It was in England that candy making really began to hit the roof in the early first half of the nineteenth century. An international confectionery exhibition was held in London in 1851 which attracted France and Germany to the candy industry. During the 20th century the Hershey “Kiss” was made, opening the door for chocolate bon bon’s, Tootsie Rolls, and chocolate covered cherries. Soon vitamins were added to candy and candy sales hit the roof in 1997. Hershey Industries became the number one candy maker in 2002

In Vegas Today

If you have not yet checked out the Popcorn Girl store here in Vegas you must go! It will definitely take you down memory lane. It is loaded with tons of old-school candy and a wide selection of tasty popcorn. The store is filled with your favorite childhood candies- candy cigarettes, salt water taffy, Bit ‘o Honey and much more! Popcorn Girl is the place to be it’s a very amazing store and an affordable treat. With over 50 different kinds of popcorn ranging from salty to sweet, there is really something for everyone, and free samples of almost everything are abundant. We got to take a tour of the shop located on Charleston and Durango and see how the popcorn is made. They also recently opened a shop in Henderson at 1000 North Green Valley Parkway.


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