By Mollie Colon, Sonia Lopez, and Nick Roque


About the Show: “Shades of Sinatra” is a tribute to Frank Sinatra and his six decade long career. Created in 2005, this original musical production was the brainchild of Kelly Clinton, a Las Vegas entertainer. The show features over 30 of Sinatra’s biggest hits sung by a talented and very diverse cast. The 3 male and 1 female leads tell stories about his life and create characters that celebrate Sinatra at different phases of his career giving audience members an insight to the man behind the legend. 







Our Experience:

From the moment we arrived we were made to feel welcome by everyone associated with the show. The box office attendants and ushers were friendly and helpful and even the producer was on hand to mingle and greet audience members. Once a private screening room, The Wolf Theater is a cozy and intimate venue that allows the cast and audience members to interact making you feel like you are a part of the show. The stories they told, and the way they presented the music, helped paint a picture of who Sinatra was even if you had never heard of him. One member of the Circles team said that “Shades” gave her a new respect for Sinatra’s music and left her wanting to learn more about him. She especially liked the sassy female lead and her stylish clothes. Another Circles attendee really enjoyed the way each of the male leads portrayed Ol’ Blue Eyes. The show was funny and the music was great! We had a wonderful time!



Shades of Sinatra



Wolf Theater, Clarion Hotel and Casino,

305 Convention Center Dr.




Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays









$23.99 for locals


Cast & Subs: 


Carmine Mandia, Larry Liso, Lisa Smith,

Ryan Baker, Bruce Hammond, Nik Mastrangelo,


Betsy Holm, Lou De Meis, Jeff Celentano,


Sandra Huntsman, and Craig Canter

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