From the beginning of time, man has been using pictures on walls to tell a story, make a statement, or just share the beauty of artistic creation with others. Petro glyphs, or ancient drawings most often found on cave walls, were one of the first forms of public art, and can be seen in areas of Las Vegas such as the Valley of Fire and Red Rock Canyon. More recently, we see public art all around our city in the form of wall murals, sculptures, and architecture. Go on the Circles hunt for public art and see how much of the art in the photos you can find!

photo clues:



 1. It’s almost SHOCKING to see painted electrical

 boxes on street corners.







 2 Looking at such amazing architecture

 is good for your BRAIN






 3. He doesn’t look like a








 4. A treat for your feet

on a downtown walk




 5. There’s always TIME

for enjoying a painting





So blue, the sky

actually looks PAINTED

on with a BRUSH






7. When STUDENTS need inspiration,

they can just look up.








8.The STRIP meets downtown…

on Fremont Street, of course



1. Corner of J Street and Lake Mead,

behind the Doolittle Community


2. Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health,

888 West Bonneville Avenue

3. Gypsy Caravan Antique Store,

1214 S. 3rd Street

4. East Sidewalk of the Funkhouse,

1228 South Casino Center

5. East Wall of the Funkhouse,

1228 South Casino Center

6. Southwest Corner of Casino

Center and Charleston

7. Las Vegas Academy of Performing

and Visual Arts (formerly the Las

Vegas High School), 315 S. 7th St.

8. Fremont Street Experience