Restaurant:Frisco Market Buffet at Arizona Charlie’s

 Location:740 S. Decatur, Las Vegas

Hours: Mon–Thurs  Dinner 4pm–8pm;Lunch 11am-3:30pm: Breakfast 8am-10:30am

 (702) 258-5200

Website:www.ArizonaCharliesDecatur.comArionza Charires

Average Meal

Price Per Person:$7.49 with player’s card

Type of food:Chinese food, Crawfish, Prime Rib, Pasta, Salad Bar, Fried Chicken, Nachos, Pizza, Sugar Free Desserts



Our Experience:

The Frisco Market is a very small buffet surrounded by old Las Vegas décor – (hanging guns, spurs, etc.) while the smell of cigarette smoke still lingered in the air from the casino downstairs. As we entered the buffet we were seated by our

waitress and she took our drink orders very promptly with no wait. All the stations and menus remained classic and traditional to when the Vegas buffet experience first became popular with food ranging from Classic American to South of the Boarder.The atmosphere is very casual with no specific dress code required. The buffet was very clean and the employees where very polite to us. Laughing and joking with them made us feel right at home


The Food:The buffet is set up in five different stations- Classic American, Country Kitchen, Italian Special, Asian Sensation, and South of the Boarder.

And let’s not forget the yummy salad bar! We were able to try lots of foods and desserts, half of the group ran right to the chicken and some went for pizza and nachos. We tried their sweet and sour chicken,

egg rolls, the sugar-free desserts, chicken salad, chef-served roasted chicken, prime rib, and the hot noodle soup. At the end of our journey we were all stuffed but ready to go back for seconds! Loading our plates with pies, cakes, and cookies was the best part. Several of us sampled the ice cream but thought it was a bit too soft, so it was the least of our favorite.