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Looking down at the busy intersection of Fremont and Las Vegas Boulevard, who would have thought this once was a lonely dirt road with few buildings or businesses. In 1844 John C. Fremont arrived in Las Vegas and kept a journal describing two springs he found. These writings were very popular and lured many individuals to the Las Vegas area. In 1925 this dirt road would become “Fremont Street’’, the second most famous street in the metropolitan area after “The Strip’’, named in honor of explorer John C. Fremont. It would take until after the end of World War II and the start of the post-war era before the largest transformation of Fremont Street would take place. Fremont is (was) the address for many casinos such as Binion’s Horseshoe, the Eldorado Club, the Fremont Hotel and Casino, the Golden Gate, the Golden Nugget, The Mint, and the Pioneer Club. Fremont was the place to be, it was the talk of the town, all the excitement and live performances brought people from all over the world to experience the life of downtown Las Vegas! Fremont Street was included in virtually every television show and movie that wanted to display lights of Las Vegas. The abundance of neon signs, like cowboy Vegas Vic, earned the street the nickname of Glitter Gulch. In 1994 Fremont prepared to make room for another change, it will soon close vehicle access to the glitter gulch and open doors for what is known today as the Fremont Street Experience!

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