By Brett Dassen; Current Photo by Dominique CLVCClay-Brown

Photo Rendering provided by the LVCVA

In 1950’s, the community leaders decided that Las Vegas needed a convention facility to increase occupancy in their Hotels during slow tourist months. The Convention Center was built in 1959 to increase the revenue for Las Vegas by adding a much needed meeting facility and expo area. It was decided to locate the Center at the old Las Vegas Park Speedway and Racetrack. Funding would be provided by room tax on hotels paid to Clark County to provide revenue for the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The Passkey Program was developed by the Las Vegas and Visitors Authority to offer many advantages to the hotel community. This program automatically sends reservation information to hotels through a central reservation system. This has been a success with the hotels and the Convention Center to provide the revenue needed to continue providing services for tourism and conventioneers. The centers growth in popularity required seven million dollars to rebuild and expand on the Las Vegas Convention Center. I recently visited The Convention Center,

The South Hall and its additional meeting rooms, the Grand Concourse, and the enclosed pedestrian access to Las Vegas Monorail. In 1998 The Landmark Hotel and Casino was imploded to add more parking space for the crowds that arrive for different functions held all year long at the Center. The Convention Center has been in Las Vegas Nevada for fifty three years which is a very long time. The Center has expanded a lot over and has kept up with the extensive population explosion here in Las Vegas. It is considered the largest in our state. The Silver Dome, the main complex, was demolished in 1990 to allow for more square footage for the Center. In 2004 the South Hall was connected to the Convention Center.LVCC Opened

 Along with the access to the Monorail. With the expansion, a new variety of speakers, events and entertainment began to take place. The Convention Center’s future plans for expansion are on hold do to budget cuts ,however the project is expected to add additional space for large expo’s and international gatherings. They are currently attracting more tourism and business events such as the Rebel games from the University of Las Vegas, trade shows, the Early Rodeo, boxing events, and occasionally a circus program. The official website for additional information on upcoming events for the center is www.