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Here in the Las Vegas Valley, construction standards have changed in the past thirty years. Most have been due to the fires that have occurred in our casino and hotel resorts. The primary fire that is best remembered by most is the MGM fire on November 21, 1981.


 The fire was caused by electrical ground fault in the deli. It smoldered for hours before breaking thought the wall. The workers at the deli did not have the proper equipment to fight the fire and sprinklers were never installed. Due to the fire at the MGM, standards were changed dramatically and certain codes were made mandatory. The affected MGM tower was incorporated into the Bally’s resort. They have made several new additions using new construction code standards.

Famous Las Vegas Valley Fires

The two-alarm fire at the Hilton Hotel


on February 10, 1981 incurred an estimated $1 million dollars in damages. Evacuation was made as quickly as possible. A bus boy on the 8th floor lobby had lit a marijuana cigarette and dropped it into the curtains, setting the fire. He was charged with arson and was convicted of 8 counts of death and currently serving 8 life sentences.

The Riviera Hotel fire happened in August 1989 despite the fire regulations becoming stricter after the MGM fire. The cause of the fire still remains a mystery and unknown to this day.

In July of 1998, fire investigators believed the Palace Station resort and casino was struck by lightning during a thunderstorm. The spark of fire erupted on the 21st floor and spread, no injuries were reported.

February 18, 2003 the Aladdin Hotel caught fire because of a cigarette dropped into the laundry chute. The twenty-first and twenty-second floors were evacuated.

Monte Carlo Casino fire on January 25, 2008 happened because of an explosion of sparks from a worker’s hand held welding gun. The sparks carried to the front facade of the hotel. The upper floors were evacuated to the nearby MGM Grand. Seventeen people were injured due to smoke inhalation. There were no damages to the rooms.

Why Safety Standards Are Import to Learn and Use

Fire prevention is one of the hardest things in the world to teach people. Most standards come about because of tragic instances like the ones we listed. The industry is constantly updating their standards to ensure the places we visit are safe for locals and tourists. Even with high safety standards in the construction industry, fires can occur, and it is important to be aware of your surroundings and know what to do.




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