Photos by Mollie Colon and Sondra Roehr.

 Small Space Big Wow pic 1

Small Space Big Wow pic 21. Pinecones – Spray paint or use glue and glitter to make sparkling decorations to hang or place around the patio.

Small Space Big Wow pic 32. Garland – String artificial flowers that are left over from craft projects or find them at thrift stores. Lightly spray with shiny paint and hang around the patio for a festive accent.

Small Space Big Wow pic 43. Snowman – Paint old sports balls (or globes) white. Build a snowman that will never melt! Use leftover felt to make a face and bring him (or her) to life.

Small Space Big Wow pic 54. Wreath – You can recycle and decorate at the same time. Use crushed cans and hot glue to form a wreath. To give it that extra holiday touch save lots of red and green cans.

Small Space Big Wow pic 65. Chair and Table Covers – Get creative! Use colorful tablecloths, sheets, curtains, or fabric remnants to cover plain chairs. Turn flower pots or paint buckets into accent tables.