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Issue #5 – Recycled Shopping Guide

Can-Can Doll “Dicey Spicey”


by Sporadic Designs • $125.00

Antique doll parts and vintage cans, yard sale and flea market finds, used parts, vintage jewelry findings and original clothing.

recyled shopping guide 1

Eco Laptop Case

by Eastlake • $44.00

Made from bicycle inner tube.


recyled shopping guide 2



Robird Magnets

by Backbone Studio 2 • $9.95 set of 4

Made from recycled scrabble game pieces.


recyled shopping guide 3

Upcycled Cake Stands

by Inclined 2 Create • $12.00 – $50.00

Garage sale and second hand store treasures crafted into a beautiful cake stand, business card stand, jewelry stand…whatever you stand for.

Find at Fresh 52 Farmer’s Markets in Las Vegas

recyled shopping guide 4

Origami Jewelry Boxes

by Dragonfly Poppy • $3.00 each

Made by hand from recycled magazine pages.

recyled shopping guide 5

Diet Coke Earrings and Necklace

by Funky Recycling • $5.00 – $12.00

Jewelry made from recycled aluminum cans.

recyled shopping guide 6

Coffee Stained Baskets

by Studio 8 Ten • $9.00 – $20.00

Made from recycled newspaper. Sized for paper plates, napkins, plastic or silverware, and salt and pepper shakers.

recyled shopping guide 7

Sprocket and Computer Wall Clock

by Earth Easy • $33.95

Made from a recycled bicycle sprocket and recycled computer hard drive

recyled shopping guide 8

Flying Bunny Pin

by Cosmin Firefly • $45.00

Made from military wings and a vintage brass bunny.

recyled shopping guide 9