Bird feeders are great ways to feed the hungry birds lingering around in your backyard. Melissa shows us how to make an inexpensive but trendy bird feeder using items found around your home. This project is found to be very fun when involving your family or friends.

Supplies and Equipment:

(makes 1 feeder, but make as many as you like!)

clean 1-liter soda bottlebird feeder

craft knife

2 wooden spoons

permanent marking pen

small cup hooks

length of string or yarn

for hanging

bird seed


acrylic paint (assorted colors),

glossy clear coat, paint brushes or sponges

bird feeder step 1

Step 1:

Draw a 1/2 inch “X” on the side of a clean 1-liter soda

bottle, about 4 inches from the bottom.

bird feeder step 2

Step 2:

On the opposite side of the bottle draw another “X”

about 2 inches from the bottom.

Step 3:

bird feeder step 3

Draw a 1-inch-wide circle on

the bottle opposite each “X”


bird feeder step 4

Step 4:

Use a craft knife to slit the “X” lines and cut out the

circles. Ask for assistance if you are not comfortable using a sharp knife.

Step 5:

Insert a wooden spoon handle first through each hole and then across through

bird feeder step 5


the opposite “X”. Push spoon through bottle until it can’t go any

further past the large end of the spoon. Repeat with the other spoon.

bird feeder step 6

Step 6:

Remove the bottle cap. Press and twist a small cup hook

into the top of it for hanging.


bird feeder step 7

Step 7:

Fill your feeder with bird seed, put the cap back on,

and tie on a length of twine or yarn to hang it from a tree.



Make it colorful by adding paint or stickers before you fill it with bird seed.

Melissa finished hers using bright colored acrylic paint and circular sponges.


Remember, once you start to feed the birds they will continue to rely on you for food supply.

So don’t forget to refill your feeder once it becomes empty!