1. Which of the following cannot be recycled?

A. Soda cans

B. Plastic water bottles

C. Glass containers

D. Paper Plates

E. None of the Above


2. Who can recycle?

A. Your staff

B. Everyone

C. Your job

D. You

E. Your mom


3. If you recycle one ton of paper, how many trees can you save?

A. Two

B. Ten

C. Seventeen

D. Thirty-five

E. One Hundred


4. How many times can glass be recycled?

A. None, glass can’t

be recycled!

B. Twice

C. One hundred

D. Twenty times

E. Forever

5. How many plastic bottles do Americans go through every year?

 A. 1.9 million

B. 2.5 million

C. 4.0 million

D. 7.1 million

E. 9.4 million

6. How much junk mail do Americans receive in one day?

A. Enough to heat 250,000 homes

B. Enough to power a TV for one year

C. Enough to fill 10 square miles in a landfill

D. 1000 trees worth

E. Both B and D

 7. The average aluminum can is made up of how much recycled aluminum?

A. 60%

B. 30%

C. 50%

D. 49%

E. 100%

8. Annually, how much plastic film does America produce?

A. Enough to wrap Las Vegas

B. Enough to stretch around

the world twice

C. Enough to cover California

D. Enough to shrink wrap Texas

E. Enough to go to the moon and backGolbe 1

9. Where is Las Vegas’ primary recycling center?

 A. 6160 S. Las Vegas Blvd

B. 3260 Charleston Blvd

C. 315 W. Cheyenne Ave

D. 3815 Rosalin Road

E. 4173 Craig Road

10. What ways can you help save our earth?

A. Re-use your plastic

bottles and bags

B. Reduce the amount of

waste you produce

C. Plant a tree

D. Recycle

E. All of the above!



1. E; 2. B; 3. C; 4. E; 5. B;

6. A; 7. C; 8. D; 9. C; 10. E