The calendar recycles itself.

Issue 5 EditorAnd here we are, celebrating our first year of Circles! I feel like we should have fireworks and streamers falling from the sky with all of the excitement and accomplishments we have had this year. The magazine itself has been immensely well received, not only in our Las Vegas community, but throughout the country we have had subscriptions purchased and testimonials praising our quality and content. In September we held a live fashion show to raise money for a website upgrade that will increase our magazine content, quality, and value to our subscribers and advertisers. It will allow our readers with sight impairment and difficulty reading to have better access to the information through an audio version of the magazine. We will increase the ease of understanding recipes and DIY projects through video access to step-by-step instructions. And, best of all, we will increase the amount of articles and information our team members are able to present by having a limitless amount of pages available through blog postings. All of these upgrades will allow us to offer more “dream jobs” to the members of our team, allowing us to incorporate videography, acting, voiceover, blogging, and website updating to our repertoire of job offerings. The website will also make Circles more eco-friendly with an online, paperless version of the publication available. As you will see as you turn the pages of this issue, called “Trash 2 Treasure”, we have certainly absorbed a great amount of information about reusing, recycling, and sustainability. I urge you this Holiday season to take some time to check out your local thrift and antique shops for unique gifts, make your trimmings out of what would otherwise be waste, and visit craft fairs and farmer’s markets for local offerings and items that are produced in moderation, not mass. To you and yours, I wish you a happy holiday and cheers to your first year in our community Circle! The best is yet to come.

In celebration,
Angela Esler-Whelan
Managing Editor