How Can Something So Small Equal Something So Big Step 1

By Dominique Clay-Brown, Savasha Feazell, Cassie Hitchcock & Melissa Sommers

Why should you recycle? Did you know if you throw something away, it is no longer useful? It ends up in a landfill, incinerated, or in some other way contaminating the environment. If you recycle something it can be recovered and become material for a new product, plus it does not go into the waste stream. There has been a real global problem with too much waste being produced by human beings. As a species we produce so much synthetic waste that we are literally running out of space to bury it or dispose of it in other ways without contaminating the environment.

Why is it important to recycle? There are many reasons to recycle: it saves energy, conserves natural resources, limits pollution and supports several sectors of the economy. You can even recycle for a little extra cash! Recycling helps to create jobs and new products, so it is very important that we recycle because the biggest most powerful changes lie in the habits and attitude of ordinary people! Becoming environmentally responsible is no longer an option for many of us. If we want to save our world from an environmental disaster, we must all act together now. This may be the only way to send a clear message to your legislatures, politicians and decision makers that we need change in our environment.


Who’s Recycling for a good cause? The very small seemingly worthless tab that you pull to open your aluminum cans is like a gold mine to the Ronald Mc Donald house. You can collect these pop tabs, recycle them and the proceeds go directly to the families of the Ronald McDonald house. There are some families that need assistance with traveling costs, clothing, and hygiene items. For the cost associated with a child death, illness, and other basic necessities such as prescriptions and baby supplies, pop tabs funds are there to help. Anyone can collect tabs. It’s easy, fun, and a great project to conduct at your work place, school or community groups. Just simply pull the tab off the aluminum can and encourage all family and friends to assist you with collecting the tabs. Once you have collected them you may drop the tabs off at your local Ronald McDonald house or mail them in. Check your local businesses and charities for recycling program to get involved in.

Where can I go to learn about recycling? the Springs Preserve is a one hundred and eighty-acre national historic site located in the heart of Las Vegas Nevada. The Springs Preserve offers you a variety of resources designed to educate all aged individuals on the proper way to recycle. It also contains information on ways to conserve resources and live more sustainable in our everyday lives. While on our wonderful adventure at the Springs Preserve, we were introduced to the facilities recycle exhibit which included the Sustainable Home exhibit showing us how small changes in your home and work place can save precious resources. The group also interacted with fun learning games designed to educate people with simple steps to remain a cleaner and healthier environment

What is recyclable? there are several different categories of recycling: Non Ferrous Metals: copper tubing,aluminum scrap, aluminum wheels, radiators and red/yellow brass.Ferrous Metals:tin, engines, appliances,batteries and A/C units.Plastic:films, PVC, plastic buckets,detergent bottles E-Waste:monitors, computers, cell phones,CDs, DVDs.Paper Products:

cardboard, news print,magazines, office white paper, books/ phone books, paper rolls and all grades of paper.If you have any of these items and you are thinking about trashing them just search your local phone book for the nearest recycling plants near you. Each recycling plant has their own list of approved items taken.

Our Experience

Cassie:I loved my trip to the Springs Preserve.It was very interesting learning new stuff about recycling and how you can save energyand water. I even learned the importance of conserving energy.

Melissa:My experience at the Springs Preserve was great! I like everything about it. I learned that recycling helps our earth and also helps the community.Vasha:I was really excited to be a part of the Springs Preserve visit. The displays were awesome, very educational, and fun. I learned a lot about the different ways on helping my environment stay clean. I will definitely have to share this experience with my family!

Dominique:Their whole recycling center was very cool! The most exciting thing I learned at the Springs Preserve was that you can use treated hay (straw) or jeans for your home’s insulation.