By Mollie Colon and Benjamin Ray


The closer we get to the holidays the more aware we become of the needs and wants of those in our community. With the weather changes, all sorts of clothes and other items are needed. Many non-profit organizations work to provide services to support our community.

Big Brothers and Big Sisters is a mentoring program that matches volunteer adults with at risk children in the community who need an additional positive role model in their life. They help children from ages 5 to 17. Over 90% of these children come from homes of only one parent. You can donate clothes and other household items to Big Brothers and Big Sisters. They select what’s needed by the children in the program and what their families need. They are partnered with Savers and sell the rest to them to raise money.

The Salvation Army is largely motivated by the Christian Mission but they are nondiscriminatory and work with all faiths to help people get back on their feet. Anyone in need can seek help from the Salvation Army. Some of the programs they offer are drug and alcohol rehabilitation, family services (basic needs), vocational programs, job development, mental health treatment, and adult day programs. You can donate almost anything of value to help the Salvation Army including cars, boats, and appliances. Salvation Army will take your donations of gently used items (if they have a resale value). Most items can be dropped off at any Salvation Army Thrift store location and large enough donations can be picked up. They will not, however, haul your junk away for you. And of course the most valuable donation is  cash, which can be used to purchase the things they need most.

Everyone has something to offer and every bit helps. Your gently used donations and time can be used not only during the holidays but throughout the year.


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