Mix Match pic 1

By Mary DeZarn, Daniel Romero Jr., and Lizzy Samlowski          Models: Kristen Doran and Jose Tumbauga

Photos by Gina Jones and Dominique Clay-Brown                       Clothing compliments of Phenom and Patty’s Close

 Leather accessories compliments of                                              Leather Couture by Jessica Galindo

 Hair and Make-up by Savasha Feazell                                          Men’s Styling by Savasha Feazell;

 Women’s styling by Jessica Galindo

Are you tired of carrying too many bags, lugging them in and out of the trunk, and walking through bus stations and airport terminals weighed down under your vacation clothes? Maybe you’re like us, just tired of giving so much of your vacation savings to the cost of checking your bags. If you can relate to any of this, it’s time to read up on the power of mixing and matching wardrobe options to keep travel light, organized, and, above all, fashion forward!

Keep It Light

There are many reasons to pack light when you travel. First of all, the less you take the less you have to carry.Checking with your hotel to see which toiletries they provide is a good way to keep from bringing extra things that you’re already paying for within your hotel rate. You can also save money by taking only a carry-on bag instead of paying to check a large bag. You know you’re planning to souvenir shop while you’re away, and packing light saves room for those vacation treasures you purchase. Stay Organized Start by sorting your clothes into different colors and sizes before you pack. Then put them neatly in your bag. Don’t just shove them in, even if you are in a hurry. When you get to your destination, unpack so you can see everything properly and it won’t look like your clothes just came out of your suitcase.

Plan Ahead

Know the climate of the place you are traveling to avoid bringing any clothes that are not necessary. Decide how many days you’ll be away from home and what you will be doing. You don’t have to pack a totally different outfit for everyday of vacation, the trick is to pack items that can be mixed and matched. You can get away with wearing the basics twice if the eye-catching part of the ensemble is a tie, belt, or scarf. Avoid particularly crazy prints and stick with a fit and colors you look good in. Bring some sort of cover-up so you can avoid changing a complete outfit if the weather turns, or it cools off at night. Wear your casual shoes, generally the larger pair, for your trip so they won’t have to be packed and bring one pair of good dress shoes. Keeping in mind the necessities of your trip can help you stay on top of unnecessary baggage. Following this simple outline to packing light can get you on your way fast and free.

 Mix Match pic 2

Take tips from Jose and Kristen and see how easy it is to get several great looks from only 5 carefully chosen pieces. Jose’s clothing compliments of Phenom in Town Square, Kristen’s clothing compliments of Patty’s Closet, accessories compliments of Leather Couture by Jessica Galindo.

                                    Jose’s Fave 5:                                                                   Kristen’s Fave 5:

                                   1 pair of jeans                                                                    1 plain tank style dress

                                   1 pair of reversible shorts                                                  1 pair of jeans

                                   (totally awesome find!)                                                      1 denim vest

                                    1 plain colored t-shirt                                                        1 printed tank top shirt

                                    1 short-sleeved button down shirt                                    1 short sleeved button up blouse

                                     1 long sleeved button down shirt


 Other tips and advice:

1. Don’t wear the same basic pieces 2 days in a row.

2. Don’t wear anything that becomes soiled while you’re away. Most hotels have laundry machines and soap accessible to guests to use if this happens.

3. Utilize accessories and jewelry that won’t become tangled or broken when packed, leather accessories are great for travel.

4. Change your hair, makeup, and accessories to keep each look fresh.

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