BrettBrett: “My favorite vacation was when I went to Grand View Texas where I rode horses around the ranch and Dallas Fort where I went to the stock yard rodeos. My dream vacation is Alaska, because I would to like to look at Bald Eagles flying over the cold, gigantic mountains and blue skies with big clouds.”


SoniaSonia: My favorite vacation was in 2002. I went on a cruise to Mexico on a beautiful ship. I really liked the music, the food, and the people. I would like to take a trip around the world so I can experience different cultures.



DanielDaniel:My favorite vacation was visiting Las Vegas about 5 years ago and staying at the New York New York. We had a blast! My dream vacation is to go to Paris, France. It is always a “belle noche” (beautiful night). It is even better during the day. I would like to go to the Eiffel Tower.


KellyKelly:My favorite vacation was Mexico. I sat on the beach and ate dinner. My dream vacation is Paris because I have never been there I’d like to see how they live.


DominiqucDominique:My favorite vacation was Six Flags. I went on all the rides and had a blast. Then I did some shopping down there and did some site seeing. I would like to go to LA to see a Dodger’s game and do some shopping.


JosephJoseph:My dream vacation was in 1996. We went to Florida to visit family and went to Disney World. My next dream vacation is to go California and see a live taping of a television show and go to Disneyland.


BrendaBrenda:My favorite vacation was when I drove across the country in a semi truck. I would like to go to Hawaii and learn to hula dance.of entertainment Meet the Contributors “What’s your favorite vacation and dream getaway?” 22