Scavenger Hunt

Tour the town and take pictures as many of the following
attractions as you can! You could win a FREE T-shirt!

On “The Strip”lionStatue of Liberty

An Elvis impersonator

Find a souvenir shop;
now take a picture of a
Las Vegas T-shirt.

Throw a coin into a wishing pond

A Pirate or Pirate Ship

A roller coaster next to
the Statue of Liberty.

Pink, Blue, or White M&M

A lion or tiger (be careful
not to wake them!)

The hotel that looks
like a pyramid.

Locate the hotel that looks like a
castle then find the wizard.



A cowboy or cowgirl

One of the lovely showgirls

A large horseshoe

A Michael Jackson look-alike

The “ride of your life” that soars you
across the downtown crowd (have
someone else take the picture if
you’re riding!)

A vintage Las Vegas sign

Artists making paper at Studio 8 Ten

Send your pictures to:
(along with your name, address, and email).
Entries will be placed in a drawing to win a
Circles T-shirt and the chance to be featured
in an upcoming issue!