The Kennedy Brothers – By Walter R. Mears & Hal Buell, 2009, 144 pages, mid-level read, weighs 1 lb.

This is a photo book with over 120 Kennedy Brothers book cover picphotographs depicting the life of the four Kennedy brothers.  It talks about John F. Kennedy who grows up and becomes the first Roman Catholic president of the United States.  It also mentions the morals and the expectations that were expected of the four brothers by their father.  I really enjoyed this book because it has a lot of pictures and knowledge about the brothers. I didn’t like the fact that he was assassinated in a parade in front of lots of people including his wife. You can find this book on, at Barnes and Noble bookstores, and at


Wildflowers – A Golden Guide By  Herbert S. Zim & Alexander C. Martin, 2002, 159 pages, easy-level read, weighs 6 oz. Birds of North America book cover pic

This book is about the  different types of wild flowers and the special climates they live in, it also shows lots of colorful pictures of the different flowers and  weeds.  I liked this book because it helped me learn more about the wild flowers conservation and how important wild plants are in the world today.  You can find this book at, Borders bookstore, and at




A Field Guide To The Birds of North America – By Michael Vanner, 2009, 255 pages, easy-level read, weighs 1 lb. Wildflowers book cover pic

This book talks about the different species of birds and their different habitats.  The book explains to you how the birds survive and how they care for their young. I chose to read this book because I wanted to learn and understand the way birds live.  The only thing I didn’t like about the book was how the book explained how often the birds were hunted. You can find this book on, at Barnes and Noble bookstores, and on Ebay.



The Silver Chair – The Chronicles of Narnia By C. S. Lewis, 1953, 243 pages, high-level read, weighs 1 lb. Narnia- Silver Chair book cover pic

This book takes place in a world named Narnia where animals can talk and where mythical creatures live.  Narnia has a door that links you between Narnia and earth.  The book tells you about two people who go to Narnia on a quest to find the missing Prince of Narnia. They go into an underground world where an evil witch rules with an iron fist.  You can find this book at, Borders bookstore, and at your local library.  This book is also available as an audio download at