Pet Ownership……. A Healthy Surprise!!

If you own a pet then you know that you need to care for them.  But did you know that they take care of us
too? There are many ways that our pets improve our lives and make us healthier and happier.Exercise is a very important part of being healthy and pet owners generally get more exercise.  Whether it’s walking a dog, playing with a cat, or even cleaning a bird cage, pet owners tend to be more active.High blood pressure and stress are a major cause of heart disease and stroke. Pets can raise your spirits after a bad day and people who own pets have lower stress levels. The simple act of petting your cat or dog can lower your blood pressure by helping you relax and slow your heart rate.Studies show that people who have happy social lives live longer, have fewer illnesses, and are less likely to experience depression.  Pets are great companions and keep you from being lonely. Pets serve as a type of antidepressant by causing the release of “feel good” hormones in our brains.

People who own pets tend to recover more quickly from major illnesses than non-pet owners. Their pets seem to give them a reason to live.  Pet owners have better hygiene because they wash their hands more often especially before eating.  Cleaner is healthier.

Pets affect our overall well being by offering unconditional love, affection and warmth.