Relationships of all kinds can be found in the movies we this issue we watched movies about friendships,family,and love,,,both starring everyone’s favorite”Friend”,Jennifer Aniston!


A Columbia Piicture Movies

 Action / Comedy,2010,Rated PG-13


Who’s in it?

Jennifer Aniston (Nichole Hurley).

Gerard Butlet (Milo Boyd)

What”s it about?

A bounty hunter named Milo Boyd (Gerard

Butler) gets sent on a job where he is told

that the person he needs to track down is his

ex-wife,Nicole Hurley (Jennifer Aniston), She”s

a reporter looking for trouble,  Milo thinks

this will be an easy catch,but Nichole gives

him a run for his money when she continues

to chase a lead on a murder cover-up, Milo

realizes thi won’t be as easy as he thought

When they find themselves runing for their

lives,the experience brings them closer. This

movies is full of action,comedy, and funny


What did we like?

 we liked that the movie was was full of action and

very funny! We thought that it was a real

good realatiionships  movie,and it showed that

even strangest things can bring real love back toggether agian. The characters chosen  for this movie were grat.the best part of the movie to us was the ending.

what didn’t we like?

We didn’t like when the killers were after Milo. We  thought the part when Nicole

was sent to jail was  sad.


We say see it!