Spotlight on Domonic Corradin, Extreme Abilities Owner/Athlete

By Dominique Clay-Brown and Cassie Hitchcock

When you think of extraordinary abilities you think of Domonic Corradin, owner and founder of Extreme Abilities.  Prior to a car accident that left him paralyzed, Domonic was active in soccer and other sports at his Michigan high school.   After the accident he wanted to turn what everyone thought would be a major setback for him into a positive outlook on his life. What started as a blog about traveling and participating in extreme sports as a way to communicate with his friends soon became “Extreme Abilities”, of which he’s been the owner for 4 years.

There are no limitations when it comes to the sports that Domonic has been involved in. He plays wheelchair basketball, road races, plays tennis, and recently started 3-wheel hand cycling.  It takes time and dedication to do what he does. To prepare him for these sports, he does 5 to 6 days at the gym and watches his diet.  When asked who his favorite athlete is, he stated, “I have no favorite athlete, I am inspired by all”.

Domonic has traveled around the world 3 times and visited multiple continents and many of the countries in Europe. He likes to meet new people, and see new places.  Besides extreme sports, he also enjoys advocating for people with disabilities everywhere he goes.  Through his travels, he finds and writes about accessible places he has enjoyed visiting.

Even though its hard work, 7 days a week, he feels great about owning his own company. He tells us that he is thankful of everything and proud of what he’s accomplished. When asked what types of skills he has that set him aside from other people he says, “I’m willing to try new things in life, and I’m fearless”.

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photos courtesy of Extreme Abilities