We found inspiration in the inner strength of a young man on a football team, following his own athletic dreams.  We also found our time could have been better spent on the field then watching a would-be baseball comedy that didn’t quite live up to its prequels.

A Sony Pictures Movie,

Drama/Sport, 2003, Rated PG

Who’s In It?
 Cuba Gooding Jr. (James “Radio” Kennedy), Ed Harris (Coach Jones), Debra Winger (Linda), Alfred Woodard (Principle Daniels), Chris Mulkey (Frank)

What’s it about? This movie is based on a true story of a high school coach and a developmentally challenged man named Radio.  Coach Jones takes Radio under his wing, once he finds out about the torment Radio has gone through from the local people and the high school football team. Coach tries to help Radio overcome his fears by letting him be involved with coaching on the school’s football team. The coach  inspires him to follow his dream.  Radio is known as the quiet type that loves music and has a passion for coaching different sports.


What did we like? We liked that Radio did what no one ever thought he could or would do. We also loved this movie because Radio is a lot like us!


What Didn’t We Like? We didn’t like when the football team started picking on Radio and threw him in the equipment room. We didn’t like when everyone started laughing at him because he was different and when the school board tried to kick Radio out of school.
See it or skip it?
See it!