When they are good, they make us feel great about ourselves and bring meaning to our lives.  Spending time with family and friends is really the essence of life…without other people (or our sweet fur-ball friends!) life would be very dull.  The people we know bring variety into our everyday existence and, even when the relationships stumble, they help us grow as individuals.  With the birth of Circles we have created a new team, a new branch of the Transition Services family, so to speak.  Throughout the creation of this issue, we have brought together 13 dedicated people who have poured their hearts and souls into this project.   They have focused their time and efforts to learn skills spanning from doing research, interviewing people, writing articles, taking photographs, and selling advertising.  Though the skill levels of our team range, and each person brings their own individual talent to contribute, the most important thing we have all brought to this issue is the willingness to work as a team.  We each pick up with our strengths where another leaves off.  We incorporate all the great ideas offered into our finished product.

Nobody (myself included) came to Circles knowing exactly what it takes to make a magazine successful.   Each day brings new challenges for us to face together.  One of our greatest challenges at the moment is the need for a good vehicle, and the lack of funds to purchase one.  We experience the need to transport 5-6 team members daily to interviews, photo shoots, appointments for advertising sales, and other aspects of making the magazine happen.  One of the greatest truths I have learned through my years at Transition Services, it is that the strong relationships we build in our community are the ones that truly help us along the way to success.  As members of our community, if there is any assistance you can offer to us in this regard, we would be very grateful.

We are all loving the ways we get to connect with each other, the community, and our readers through Circles.  We look forward to a long, healthy future of success and amazing experiences…together…with you.

In friendship,

Angela Esler-Whelan

Managing Editor