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Issue # 2 – Ask Danielle


Answers to your most

pressing relationship questions

By Danielle Burns


Dear Danielle: I have a great boyfriend, but he gets very jealous when I talk to other guys who are my friends.  How can I get him to understand I love him but I still have guy friends that I want to talk to?


Confused in the City


   Your relationships with other men are different then with your women friends in his eyes, and you need to sit him down and explain to him there are different people in your life. Tell him you will always love him no matter what other guys are in your life as friends.   Try to give him some special attention and love to show him how he is different from the other guys in your life.


Dear Danielle: I met a man at work that I want to go on a date with but I am worried about having a relationship with someone I work with.  What should I do?


Crush on Co-worker


Ask him to meet you somewhere other than work to talk, or just go on a date. Act professional at work, meaning no kissing or holding hands. Check with your supervisor to make sure you know the rules at work, and that your work allows dating between co-workers before you get into a relationship.



Dear Danielle: I have been dating someone for 3 months and I am just not interested in them anymore, but they still like me a lot.  How can I break it off without hurting them too badly?


Ready to Move On


Tell him the truth; that it’s not working out for you at all. Let him know that you are sorry for hurting him and would still like to be friends, and   you still can talk over the phone. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and I’m sure he will find that special person.



Dear Danielle:  I met a cute girl I want to ask out, but I am really shy.  How can I start a conversation with her and what should I talk about?


Shy in Sin City


Start by finding out what she likes to do like what movies and T.V shows she likes to watch, her hobbies, sports she likes to play, etc.  Asking her these things first will help you to build up confidence to ask her out. If you’re too shy to ask her yourself, ask her mom, friends, brothers or sisters, or roommates what kinds of things she likes to do.  It might help to practice in front of a mirror or with a friend.